Saturday, February 20, 2010


We decided to take Lincoln bowling for the first time at Fresno State's bowling alley. He was a little scared when we first walked in but after seeing Daddy and Mommy do it a couple times, Linc was ready to go. He bowled his own 10 frames and half of mom's and ended up with an 83, not bad for a two year old! He didn't want to leave but we promised we would come back soon, Grandma and Grandpa Bond are so excited to take him when they come to visit in March! Maybe he will pay for our retirement with his PBA tournament winnings!
He was a little nervous at first...
I LOVED the shoes!!
He loved pushing his ball down the ramp
His favorite ball (only 6lbs!). I made him hold it for the picture and
when he handed it back to me he said, "Mama- that heavy!"

He thought it was so fun to pull the ramp out of the way so Mom and Dad could bowl

Reagan enjoyed the show

On an unrelated note, after we finished bowling- Lincoln requested Chicken Nuggets so we went to McD's for dinner and...

Reagan had her first French Fry! YUM!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Week in the Hospital

So by now I'm sure everyone has heard that our little Reagan was in the hospital last week with a bad case of RSV. Here's the details about our crazy week...

Reagan started wheezing on and off last Monday after having a cold for most of the previous weekend. On Tuesday she was wheezing pretty constantly and I thought it sounded like she was breathing hard. Our good friends stopped by on their way to dinner so that THE P.A. (his new superhero title) could check her out and tell me if we needed to get her checked out. He listened to her breath and sent us packing to the urgent care. So Reagan and I headed out to the doctor.
We finally got in to see someone at the Urgent Care. After two breathing treatments, a steroid, and a chest xray still didn't stop her wheezing the doctor came in and told me he was calling the paramedics to transfer her to Valley Children's Hospital. I had been trying to hold it together up to that point but when the paramedics strapped her into her carseat and put her on the stretcher I very nearly lost it.
That night in the ER seemed never ending. Nate and his dad had come to give Reagan a blessing and then Nate and I just sat there with our poor wheezing daughter. We were finally admitted to the hospital around 5am and after Reagan got used to the breathing tube up her nose, she got some much needed sleep.
The next five days were a blur... we had great nurses and doctors who took care of our daughter and we are so thankful that we have such a wonderful pediatric hospital close by. Everyone who took care of her commented on how cute and chubby she was- I think every nurse on the floor had to squeeze her chubby thighs!

Enjoying her toys after a very long night

She hated her breathing tube, I don't really blame her

Our home away from home for five days, notice
the SUPER comfy sofa bed by the window (my neck is still recovering)

the annoying foot monitor that came off about every 10 seconds

Feeling a little better

She would only sleep sideways in her crib

A very big THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who took care of Lincoln, made us meals, and called. Although I was physically exhausted I always felt bouyed up by the outpouring of love and support from so many people. A thousand THANK YOUS!!